The Calm Before the Design Storm

By Dr Kirsti Abbott, Program Leader, UNE Discovery

Right now there are nine incredible architectural teams piecing together their proposal that will outline how they will tackle the Boilerhouse project. You can click HERE to see the media around the list of firms in the running to be our Principle Design Consultants over the coming 3 years.

So it’s relatively quiet on the Boilerhouse front. Quiet, that is, until the design storm starts.

Activity will ramp up in August when the winning team is announced and stakeholder consultation is mapped out for our local area and beyond. It means that the time is coming when our community have their say on various aspects of the programs and partnerships for the Boilerhouse Discovery Space. It’s important that the whole community feels ownership of this new initiative; that we can nurture curiosity, creativity, collaboration, confidence and a can-do attitude during the process of building the Boilerhouse as well as for visitors once it is open.

We are lucky here in northern NSW in our freedom to travel within and to other regional areas. It is perfect timing to get curious about what’s already out there in terms of museums, galleries, playspaces and informal child and family learning opportunities in the region. We want to know what you think so we can cook up complementary chances for discovery. Jump on your bike, grab your skateboard, shoes or vehicle and head out to the places in the links below!

We’ll be waiting with a design team when you get back. 😊

Details of museums and galleries in Armidale HERE. They include the New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale Folk Museum, UNE Antiquities and Natural History Museums, the Museum of Printing, Hillgrove Museum, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place.

In Tamworth, access details of museums and galleries HERE. They include the Tamworth Regional Gallery, Tamworth Power Station Museum, Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, the National Guitar Museum and many more. Tamworth Regional Playground details are HERE, and the Tamworth Marsupial Park & Adventure Playground info HERE.

We wish you happy and playful travels. Stay safe and make sure you take care to adhere by the current COVID19 precautions while you’re out and about.