Boilerhouse Design Team Announced

It is with enormous excitement that UNE welcome Architectus and James Cubitt Architects on board the Boilerhouse bandwagon as lead of a fantastic Principle Design team to create our iconic Boilerhouse building and discovery space. James Cubitt Architects were originally charged with preparing concept reports; their architects eyeing off the structure for years as they worked on other UNE projects. I can only imagine the delight of being able to focus on a mission such as this for designers who think big, bold and boiling.

Read about Architectus HERE, their appointment HERE, and James Cubitt Architects HERE. They are joined by experiential space designers Arterial, landscape architects Aspect Studios, built environment designers and engineers ARUP and many other talented specialists. Presentations to the Vice Chancellor on Thursday 15th October kicked off the design phase, which is expected to continue for 6-9 months, with construction due to commence at the end of 2021. At this point in time we remain on track for a 2023 opening.

The design phase marks the start of imagining a future on the campus of UNE that includes all our communities, from the youngest to oldest, playing and learning together in the Boilerhouse. As SportUNE acts as a gateway to the university for many sportspeople, the Boilerhouse has the potential to open doors to physical and academic spaces for those who may not have considered continuing a rich, high quality education in regional Australia. Architectus and James Cubitt Architects will help design this future.

The fundraising continues

As 2020 continues to throw curveballs to us all, the Boilerhouse project is no exception. The University, and indeed broader higher education sector, is under multiple pressures to reduce costs and reinvent access to higher education opportunities across the globe. The Boilerhouse is unique in that it is primarily external funding that has enabled progress to date; the project has not used student or core funding to proceed. The project celebrated support from the NSW State Government late 2019 with a $6.128million grant through its Regional Growth Environment & Tourism fund, and private philanthropy that activated the idea has also boosted our spirits and capabilities. But it must continue.

We must raise another $5million to ensure that the Boilerhouse can be completed without relying on University funds. And we’d love you to help us. Please consider donating to the Boilerhouse Discovery Space, and future of our region, HERE. Every donation, no matter how small or large, is one step closer to a creative, inspirational city.