Experience lifelong learning at UNE

The University of New England acknowledges that education can transform lives.

UNE has the highest number of online learners in Australia. Long considered ‘lifelong learners’, these students have chosen to transform their skillset, knowledge base and careers at points in their lives past a traditional age range for tertiary studies.

UNE Discovery extends the age from which we engage with people starting with young children, truly embracing what it is to be a lifelong learner. The Boilerhouse Discovery Space will cater for children aged 0-12 and their families; The Discovery Voyager mobile program facilitates exploratory, play-based learning for school-aged children from Kindergarten to Year 10; and our on-campus experiences like the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Antiquities, SportUNE and Dixson Library provide opportunities to engage with curious, active people at any age in their lives.

UNE alumni can enjoy ongoing professional development, updates and refreshers on qualifications, and the chance to support future generations of students by being practitioners in current course delivery or acting as mentors to existing students. When children collaborate in an environment supportive of unrestricted play, powerful neurological gains are made.

Yarm Gwanga Child Care Centre at UNE

The learning starts early at UNE. Yarm Gwanga offers on-campus early childhood education for the children of staff, students and community members. The children at Yarm Gwanga will be lucky to have the Boilerhouse within their view every day and will be regular visitors when it opens. Click here to view their website and find out more.